Montag, 26. März 2012

Waiting it out in the clouds...

The beginning of past week the weather was so bad that we could not even find our way up into the Alpine. This is what Whistler's Backcountry looks like on these days:
 After waiting 2 hours in the cold and grey we decided to make a "Canadian Fire" which would keep us warm until the weather was hopefully gonna clear up and we could drive further up with our sleds.
The fire was nice and kept us warm for another 3 hours until we finally gave up our hope on sun and decided to rather spend time Snowshoeing the forrest and filming natural features.

I found a super fun run through some kind of natural halfpipe! As a drop in I built myself a poppy corner take off consisting out of only three blocks.
 Building jumps only as wide as your snowboard can safe you a lot of work...

This way I can use my remaining energy to dig out my sled when I crash into trees for example.
By the way Elias has already invented his own signature move on how to get stuck on a sled in completely flat areas.
 If you can't find a frozen lake to try it out you could as well just do it right next to the cat trail!

On the third day we were lucky enough to catch a sunny window to get up to the zone where all the kickerspots are and even managed to set up two sick jumps for the next good weather day. Whenever this will be...
 But as we spent a whole day shaping on the two spots we were almost forgetting about how difficult it could be to find our way home in a snow storm.

When we finally tried to find our way out of the Alpine the view when driving looked like this:
 But as it was already 6 pm and we were the last people still on the mountain 15 km away from civilization we just had to figure out a way to get down as soon as possible.
After some silent moments caught in a snow storm on 2000 meters we started trying to find the way back to the cat trail by always having someone walking ahead and touching the ground to figure out if we were still on the cat trail (which was completely windblown). This way we could slowly make our way forward step by step.
This experience definitely gave me some more respect for the mountains and the always changing weather conditions out there once again. I am happy that we made it down before it got dark but I see it as a close warning.

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