Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

As the weather has not really gotten any better yet and my sled is at the doctors for a couple of days we decided to build some stuff down in the valley. Big booters of course...
As well we killed some decent ledges...
Now we are ready to step it up a little and go for some gap to firecracker to drop to quarterpipe spot tomorrow morning:
Our photographer Mark Welsh and filmer Garry Pendygrasse will be stoked to spend another day in the rain!
And as we have been kind of missing the feeling of digging out our sleds on the mountain we decided to now always get stuck with our truck at random points next to the road just for the fun of it!
By the way this is what we call our home for the next two months.
That's why I really wanted the floor to look like at home as well:
We hope on going on the mountain again soon. But so far the forecast is all about snow storms and clouds and shockingly high avalanche danger (it was on 5 yesterday! and now stays on 4...). But this won't keep us from going out snowboarding. If it is not possible on the mountain then we just work on our jib career in the streets!

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