Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Junkyard Jibbing

Here we go for some pictures from our jib session in some Junkyard outside of Whistler:

Ready to play! Train comes in on the background which means that we are stuck on our junkyard as it closes the only exit. And these trains here are so long they seem to go forever...
Elias trying out the first doubleslide on the barriers.

Me firecracking some barriers. These are left overs from the Olympic Games two years ago, where Whistler just produced way too many of these barriers...
This is how the blue crew rolls in:
This is how our Filmer Garry Pendygrasse rolls in these days:
And last but not least may I introduce our latest member to the blue crew: Bob. Bob is a shovel that shovels ten times as fast than any other shovel. We are proud to have him as a strong part of the blue crew!

 And the train isn't over yet...

Thanks to www.anrodphoto.com for all the pictures.

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