Montag, 2. April 2012

Sushi, clouds, jumps and broken engines

After the three succesful sunny days the first thing we did was rewarding ourselves with a culinary explosion at sushi Village together with the rest of the People crew.

After a short time recovering our bodies from the last week we hit the road again to explore another amazing zone only 30 minutes away from Pemberton.

Even just the landscape next to the road was beautiful.
They've got some cosy little huts around here. Wouldn't want to spend all winter here but surely very comfortable during summer time...
Once again the terrain up on the mountain is just a huge playground! Usually for breakfast we are either having some pillows...
... or some spines and drops.
For lunch we are mostly having pasta...
... or if we are really hungry we mostly build ourselves a big booter.
We called this one the "Moon-Ramp" as it was just sending us up so high!
After a nice shoot in the clouds on this one we hit another amazing jump the next day. We've probably spent about 4 hours on it window shopping and only got to hit it twice until it was dark.

Our filmer Brian Hackenstein has already adapted to the long waiting times during a session.
Elias FS 3 First Track.

But of course not everything always works out smoothly all the time. This week we've had a broken trunk...

... a broken window on Pierre's car...

and a broken engine.

Brian was a little disappointed about his rebuit engine (that he had been waiting for about 4 weeks) blowing after only driving 2,5 kilometers.

In the past 4 weeks Elias and me have learned a lot and even progressed with sledding more and more. Elias was already catching some air yesterday.
 Whereas I am still having a hard time getting the sled onto our truck.

Now another snow storm is coming in and should bring at least another half a meter of fresh snow. Sot it is time to rest again and be ready for more powder soon!
Elias is already preparing our boards on a spot where I am usually preparing our dinner...

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