Montag, 9. April 2012

Living for the moment !

Hey, it's Elias. I'm also getting into the blogging business now…

The first two days of the past week out here in Whistler weren't easy. First we built a Kicker and when we finally got it done the whole landing slid!

Then we get to this amazing face with tones of lines. We can't wait and already go through the lines in our mind..… unfortunately we never got any further then that, as the Forum crew's rolls up and tells us, that they are here since a long time and basically claimed the whole face…!

Alright, next day everything will get better. After we already felt like sled pros, reality brought us back on our feet. It took us forever to even make it up to the alpine on… but fortunately we had "Bob" our big shovel always with us to dig us out…

 And fortunately Brian our filmier, local guide and friend was always there to help. It wasn't long though, till lucky Brian also blew his forth engine of the season that day… One week ago the engine made it 2,5 km till it completely broke down… this time the brand new engine made it 10km further till it blew. So at least a positive trend!

A view hours later we finally made it up the mountain and started building our sunset Kicker again from two weeks ago. This time we stepped it up though.

 As a great ending of a difficult day Marco and I did a nice line right at sunset. I'm sure that in that moment you see Marco shredding this amazing line, nothing else mattered any more and all there was was now!!

We got home at 11pm and all that we could think of was eat and sleep. Here's our dinner! I even got into cooking here. 5 eggs, 3 tomatoes….

Then the whole next day was, how the one before has ended. Perfect for moments! Moments we'll never forget...

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