Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

The last days have been really warm in Bavaria and it was pretty much impossible to find any good snow. Nevertheless we decided to go out and just spend some time together and see what we can do with the current conditions.

We ended up finding a nice windlip to shape a fun Quarterpipe.

For the next tour it did not even feel like winter at all anymore and we spent half of the time just walking on a dirtroad instead of acutally splitboarding
on the snow.
 On the mountain we spent our time with having Brotzeit, playing monopoly, doing a bonfire and jumping off small wooden huts...
...or trying to jump random river gaps.
 But on the last night it finally turned a little colder again and the clouds were moving in. Now we are all stoked for our last tour and hope to catch some good powder!


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